Plenary Assembly 6-9 February 2013

Emerging Youth Cultures

Wednesday, 6 February

Inaugural Public Session at the Aula Magna, LUMSA, Borgo Sant'Angelo 13.

5pm    Opening: Greetings of the Rector, Giuseppe Dalla Torre

        Greetings and talk by the President, H.Em. Card. Gianfranco Ravasi

5.30pm    From the universe to the multiverse, analysis of youth cultures

Opening Conference: David Le Breton

Moderation: Raffaele Luise

Thursday, 7 February

8.30am    Mass (Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina)

Presided by H. Em. Card. Urosa Savino

9.30am    Greetings and introduction, H. Em. Card. Gianfranco Ravasi

10.15am  Greetings of the Secretary, H.E. Mgr. Barthélemy Adoukonou

10.30am  Departure for the Apostolic Palace

1pm        Lunch Break

3.30pm   The socialiasation of the youth

Introduction: Rossana Reguillo Cruz

Moderation: H.E. Mgr Mark Coleridge

4.15pm   Discussion

4.45pm   Coffee Break

5.15pm    Digital natives: language and rituals

Introduction: Fr Antonio Spadaro, SJ

Moderation: Richard Rouse

6pm           Discussion

7pm           Concluding prayer

Friday 8 February

8.30am    Mass (Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina)

              Presided by H. Em. Card. Laurent Pansinya Monsengwo

9.30am    Round Table Faith in the youth:

Needs, potential and interests Alanda Kariza (Indonesia)

New communities Louis Riverin (Canada)

Forms of participation, creativity, volunteering Farasoa Mihaja Bemahazaka (Madagascar)

Moderation: Fr Theodore Mascarenhas

11am        Coffee Break

11.20am   Discussion

1pm         Lunch

4pm         Coffee

4.30pm    Emotive alphabet of the youth

Introduction: Pia De Solenni

Moderation: Mons. Franco Perazzolo

5.15pm    Discussion

7pm        Concluding prayer

Saturday, 9 February

8am        Mass (Grotte Vaticane)

Presided by H. Em. Card. Gianfranco Ravasi

9.30am   Generating in the faith: a cultural battle

Introduction: Armando Matteo

Moderation: Eduardo Adé


11.30am Closure

Conclusions: H.E. Mgr. Carlos Alberto Azevedo

Discussion: Towards the next Plenary Assembly

Please note that the working sessions of the Plenary are not open to the public.