Living Fully 2016

Cultures and Faith Vol. XXIV 2016 N.3

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Living Fully Cultures and Faith Vol. XXIV N.3 Theme: Living Fully 2016 conference

Vol. XXIV 2016 N.3 of the Dicastery's journal is now out with a focus on the “Living Fully 2016” conference.

Exclusion and loneliness, both issues that people with disabilities face, were just two of the many topics the “Living Fully 2016” conference covered 24-26 June in Rome.  The first part of this edition of our journal contains details of the conference, along with articles written by participants of the event. 

The “Living Fully” conference enabled leading experts on disability and theology to come together with individuals and families, and discuss their experiences in the Church and in the community.  The conference looked at new ways that parishes could become more inclusive and welcome those who have been excluded in different ways into the life of the Church.  It also brought attention to the important dialogue about people with different abilities within the Church, while celebrating their lives and how they uniquely live their faith.

The remainder of the journal provides an overview of recent activities associated with the Dicastery.


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