Pre-Columbian Cultures

Cultures and Faith Vol. XXV 2017 N.2

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Women's Consultation Cultures and Faith Vol. XXV N.2 Theme: Pre-Columbian Cultures

Vol. XXV 2017 N.2 of the Dicastery's journal is now out with a focus on "Pre-Columbian Cultures."

Offering insights into the importance of diverse cultures and languages, the study section focuses on the perduring effects of the pre-Columbian period of Latin America. The journal also visits various moments in Latin American history that exemplify how the Gospel message was spread taking into account linguistic and cultural exchange. Mentalities and languages discussed include those of the Inca and other the indigenous people.

Language serves as a primary means of transmitting culture. Bilingualism allows us to coexist with various cultural communities united in a historical context and facilitate the evangelization of peoples and cultures.

See the index and note the original languages.

Other sections of the review look at the Courtyard of the Gentiles, the activities of the Sports Department and the world of Music.